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Electronic Delivery (e-Delivery) of documents is rapidly becoming the standard for financial services companies. Delivering necessary documentation electronically offers clients safe, secure and convenient access to their most crucial documents. According to a nationwide survey, clients are increasingly opting for electronic delivery of financial documents, particularly brokerage account statements and trade confirmations.1 Of the financial documentation reviewed, this survey found that brokerage account statements and trade confirmations had the highest rate of electronic delivery adoption 26% and 30%, respectively.
Clients enjoy many benefits when they go paperless, including:

  • Increased Security. Going paperless reduces the risk of identity theft associated with sending sensitive financial information through the mail. Documents are accessed in a secure, password-protected environment with state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Instant Access. Clients will receive an e-mail as soon as a new brokerage account statement or trade confirmation is available to view online, avoiding the delays that may be associated with postal delivery.  Convenience and Flexibility. Clients can access their documents from virtually any computer, at any time. In addition, clients can download, print and fax, or e-mail a copy to their tax professional. Going paperless is an easy process: clients always retain control of their delivery preferences.2
  • Centralized Record Keeping. Online brokerage account statements and trade confirmations can be viewed together with tax statements. Less mail means less clutter, helping to reduce the risk of misplacing important documents.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Paper-free transactions are better for the environment.

Going paperless through electronic delivery is what clients prefer, and Pershing has made it easy for clients to do so. Clients can securely view brokerage account statements and trade confirmations online through NetExchange View™, NetExchange Client® and NetExchange Select™ web sites in PDF format. Clients can also access,, which is available to all firms, regardless of whether or not you offer NetExchange to your clients.
Each of these options provides the exact same "back end" service - clients can turn off paper and receive an e-mail notification when a new document is available to view online. However, there are differences: is available at NO CHARGE. It is a self-service site for clients to create a user ID and password, turn off paper, view statements and trade confirmations, and manages their e-delivery preferences. There is no brokerage functionality available through

You can make a powerful choice and make the move to paperless today.
1North American Technographics® Banking Online Survey, Q1 2009.
2Subject to system availability.