Investment Services


North Andover Trust Corp can offer financial advice to help you reach your financial goals.  Whether providing for your children's education or for a comfortable retirement, saving and investing is key to protect and grow your wealth.
We at North Andover Trust seek to tailor a managed portfolio matched to your risk tolerance and time horizon with personalized investment management. 

A complimentary face-to-face meeting is often the beginning of this process.  

We will help you make informed decisions and work with you and your accountant to structure your wealth in a way that minimizes the impact of economic change.
Wealth Management

  •  Tailored flexible service designed to suit your personal needs

Retirement Funding
  •  Open an individual retirement account (IRA)
  •  Make an annual contribution
  •  Consolidate retirement accounts

 Education Funding
  •  Consider investment accounts that can help with education funding

 Legacy and Estate Investment Advice
  •  Develop an investment strategy with an emphasis on capital                  preservation and tax free income

Corporate Services
  •  Money Market Accounts
  •  401k Plans for your company